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2B (DC087) Cable RCA 3.5 M/M – AUX Audio – 5M

3.75 EGP Cashback
75.00 EGP
From: RCA 3.5 M/M To: AUX Audio cable Length: 5M Color: Black

Etrain (DC112) Network LAN Cable – 10M

2.55 EGP Cashback
51.00 EGP
  • Etrain Network LAN Cable 10 meter

BE Connected From Dvi 24 pin To Vga

1.95 EGP Cashback
39.00 EGP
Specifications The package thickness is 9.1 cm Body weight is 30 grams Wireless LAN Other brand Type cable Compatible with digital cameras Distinguishing number 2724294728911

Etrain HDMI to HDMI Flat Cable 5M Gold Plated – Blue

3.60 EGP Cashback
72.00 EGP
From: HDMI To: HDMI Cable Length: 5M Color: Blue

Etrain (DC222) Network LAN Cable – 20M

3.45 EGP Cashback
69.00 EGP
Etrain Network LAN Cable 20 meter with RJ ready

accutone AUC Tel/USB Adapting Cable

24.95 EGP Cashback
499.00 EGP
  • QD connects to any T-Series headset
  • USB end connects to PC or Mac
  • Supports Microsoft Lync natively
  • No additional drivers needed
  • Hook switch for Microsoft Lync
  • Digital volume control
  • Digital mute
  • Online/Status LED indictor

2B (CV144) Type C to VGA Cable – 1.8M

8.45 EGP Cashback
169.00 EGP
From: Type C To: VGA Cable length: 1.8M Color: Black

2B (CV143) Type C Male to VGA – HDMI

11.45 EGP Cashback
229.00 EGP
From: Type C To: VGA - HDMI Color: White

2B (DC554) – Toslink Fiber Optical Cable for Sound – 3M

6.95 EGP Cashback
139.00 EGP
  • Brand: 2B
  • Model: DC554
  • Type: Audio Cable
  • Cable Length: 3M
  • Color: Black

2B (DC526) HyperLink Cat 6 – 50 Meter

12.95 EGP Cashback
259.00 EGP
Type: Cat 6 Cable length: 50 Meter

Etrain (DC520) HyperLink Cable – Cat 6 – 3 Meter

4.95 EGP Cashback
99.00 EGP
From: Lan To: Lan Cable Length: 3 Meter

2B (DC474) Vga Cable – 10M

12.45 EGP Cashback
249.00 EGP
From: VGA15M To: VGA15M Cable Length: 10 meter

2B (DC174) HDMI Extension Cable – 5M

8.85 EGP Cashback
177.00 EGP
From: HDMI Male To: HDMI Female Cable length: 5M Color: Black

2B (DC173) HDMI Extension Cable -1.5M

4.95 EGP Cashback
99.00 EGP
From: HDMI Male To: HDMI Female Cable length: 1.5M Color: Black

Etrain (DC-070) – VGA cable 20 Meter

11.75 EGP Cashback
235.00 EGP
From: Cable Male To: Cable Male Cable Length: 20M Color: Black

Generic PC Power Cables

1.50 EGP Cashback
30.00 EGP
  • 1 meter
  • Power:300/300v
  • Color:Black

Etrain (DC512) – LAN Cable – 5M Cross

1.45 EGP Cashback
29.00 EGP
From: LAN Cable To:  LAN Cable Cable Length: 5M Cross

E-train (DC470) VGA15M/15M – 15 Meter

9.15 EGP Cashback
183.00 EGP
From: VGA15M To: VGA15M Cable Length: 15 meter

Cable (MX14B) Lightning – 1M – Black

9.75 EGP Cashback
195.00 EGP
From: Lightning 8 Pin To: USB Length: 1 Meter Color: Black

Devia – iPure Audio – AUX cable – Type 3.5mm to 3.5mm -1M

3.75 EGP Cashback
75.00 EGP
From: AUX 3.5mm To: AUX 3.5mm Cable Length: 1M Compatible with: all audio devices equipped with a 3.5mm AUX port

Cable (MX327) AUX 3.5 mm 1M – Black

4.95 EGP Cashback
99.00 EGP
From: AUX 3.5mm To: AUX 3.5mm Cable Length: 1M Color: Black
SKU: MX327