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Energizer Metal Led LPOO171

175.00 EGP
  • Color : Silver
  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery : 1

Energizer Rechargeable Battery AAA

219.00 EGP
  • Streamlines a pumped up 800mAh power capacity
  • Offers to be 6 times more long lasting
  • Designed to hold charge up to 1 year
  • Superior encasing efficiently prevent leakage
  • Profound internal configuration hinders unforeseen concussions

Energizer Keychain Light Touch Tech LP00181

179.00 EGP
  • Switchless on/off touch power
  • Designed for maximum convenience – Grip the light for instant illumination and release to smoothly turn off
  • Compact size
  • Up to 1 meter impact resistant to withstand drop after drop
  • Excellent runtime
  • Bright, uniform light for a wide range of uses
  • Features LED technology
  • Operates on 2 CR2032 batteries (Includes 2 Energizer® CR2032 batteries).

Energizer Pen Light LP17161

202.00 EGP
  • Stainless steel case minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear
  • Pushbutton tail switch for one-handed operation
  • Steel clip holds securely to pocket, tool bag or briefcase
  • Stainless steel flashlight includes two AAA Energizer MAX® batteries
  • Compact pen light provides bright white light and is handy to use almost anywhere

Energizer Flexible Booklite Clip Book Lamp LP24051

209.00 EGP
  • Totally hand-free for a peace of mind
  • Flexible Rubber neck to easily adjust the light beam
  • Sleek and compact design, so you can carry it with you wherever you go
  • Clips together for easy storage
  • Suitable for books, laptops and e–readers
  • 2two light modes: high and energy saver that enables you to be in control
  • Diffuser lens delivers broad even light making reading all size books easy

Energizer Battery ECR2025

29.00 EGP
Energiser 3V 2025 Lithium Coin Type Battery 2 Pack – New Sealed These Energizer 3V CR2025 Lithium Coin Batteries come

Energizer Recharge Mini+AA

279.00 EGP
Specification Category: Battery Weight: 1 kilogram Origin of Goods: Local Description 900mAh ENERGIZER RECHARGE MINI A Energizer introduces a new

Energizer Battery A27

35.00 EGP
Energizer A27 Overview The A27 12V Alkaline Battery from Energizer is made for household electronics that may require high pulse

Energizer Battery Size D2

125.00 EGP
Product description Long-lasting power and innovation is what the Energizer MAX family is all about – up to 10-year shelf

Energizer Battery AAA 2 Pack

42.00 EGP


Energizer Rechargeable Battery AA

149.00 EGP
  • Profoundly created to provide reliable performance and long-lasting power
  • Decked with an advance technology that minimizes both self discharge and natural ageing effect
  • Optimised electrode composition provides an ideal balance of capacity
Number of Pieces
2300 mAh