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Huawei ADSL Router HG531 v1 by Vodafone

199.00 EGP
• Brand : Huawei BY Vodafone Support for various ports: 4 FE+1 Wi-Fi • High-bandwidth ADSL2+: The HG531 V1 is integrated with a high-performance ADSL2+ network processor to enhance user experience. • Flexible routing function: The HG531 V1 has a built-in a PPPoE dialer to support concurrent connection of multiple user devices to the DHCP server. • Multi-service/function interface: The FE ports support routing and bridging and the Wi-Fi port supports WiFi multi-SSID and Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) functions to provide secure and easy Wi-Fi network access for users. • Standard TR069 management: The HG531 V1 is fully compliant with the TR069 protocol. It supports remote management, remote fault diagnosis, automatic upgrades, and automatic service provisioning, which simplifies large-scale device deployment and maintenance.