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Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games – PlayStation 3

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349.00 EGP
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.

Call of Duty Black Ops – PlayStation 3

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499.00 EGP
  • Wide array of play modes including single player, local multiplayer versus and online co-op and multiplayer
  • Seventh installment of the Call of Duty series, based on the live fire conflicts of the Cold War era
  • Diverse variety of play setting ranging from urban air and ground combat in SE Asia, to snow combat in Soviet region and jungle combat
  • Blending of traditional COD, and new first-person character scenarios designed to both retain the essence of the COD gaming experience and ensure constantly flowing and varied action
  • New arsenal of weapons and vehicles tied to the Cold War era, including the SR-71 Blackbird and sited explosive-tipped crossbows

TNA Impact! – PlayStation 3

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499.00 EGP
Moves and matches that allow amazing acrobatic and aerial feats and the bone-jarring crush of hard-hitting impacts.

WWE 13 – PlayStation 3

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349.00 EGP
WWE LIVE: Experience the atmosphere, spectacle and fervor of a WWE live event through attention-grabbing Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks and barricade crashes, along with a brand new audio system designed to produce the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever experienced in a WWE videogame.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – PlayStation 3

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349.00 EGP
  • World Class Control – all-new control system which includes additional dribbles and flicks. New passing animations, including both ground and outside of the foot curling passes, will open the door to more attacking options
  • Set Piece Tactics – Use the D-pad to command your teammates and strike fear from set pieces and corners
  • New Penalty Kicks – New save animations and shot tuning puts players in control of their nation's fate. Keepers can throw off kick-takers by performing different animations including wobbly-knees, matador, and shoot-it-there points
  • Over-the-Back Headers – Now defenders can leap over attacking players to clear the ball to safety
  • Ball Physics — EA SPORTS and adidas® partner to deliver the most realistic ball physics system on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  • Micoach Training – Complete adidas micoach training sessions to boost in-game attributes for individual players on your team. Choose from six different attribute boosts and 18 different drills to improve your players’ performance during the tournament

SONY Vaio PCG-61711W

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3,500.00 EGP
  • Sony Viao
  • Core i5 2nd generation
  • RAM 4 GB
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