Multiple Power 9V Rechargeable Battery Universal Charger MP704


About The Product:


  • Socket Standard:Feet flat plug
  • Type:Electric
  • Brand Name:Multiple Power
  • Package:Yes
  • Use:Standard Battery
  • Model Number:MP-704
  • Useage Life:more than 10 year(Use every day)
  • Items Feature:Intelligent charging intelligent control LCD Display
  • Product performance standards:IEC61438:1998
  • Input:AC100-240V 50-60HZ 50Ma
  • Output:AA :1.5VDC 120Ma AAA:1.5VDC120Ma 9V:25MA
  • Quality Warranty:24 Month
  • Certificate:ROHS ISO9001:2000 CE,UL,CCC
  • Sizes (mm):90*40*30(mm)
  • No-load power:<1W
  • Full load power:<5W

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Multiple Power 9V Rechargeable Battery Universal Charger MP704

About Charger
Input voltage: AC100V-240V, 5W
Input frequency 50-60 Hz.
Operating temperature :0-35 degrees Celsius
Output: DC1.5 V AA: 120MA AAA: 120MA  9V 6F22 25MA
Charging time: 2000mAh battery = Battery 2700 mAh about 12 to about 15 hours hours of =
Dimensio127.5 grams (USA plug, NW)
Compact up to 2,700 mAh rechargeable AA batteries, digital camera, remote control, or more
Over-voltage protection system; folding AC plug provides global voltage trip
100-240V AC input, can be traveled the world
MP 704 multi charger factory direct, has the following characteristics: 
1, the charger can charge four AA / AAA or two 6F22 (9V) NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries; 
2, a small constant current charging mode, the battery life will improve; 
3, each channel with independent charge mode, the corresponding LED indicate charging status. 
4, with AC cord, plug types to choose from. 
5, has been charged, eternal light, do not turn lights, charge full extent by the following formula: battery capacity divided by the charging current multiplied by 1.2 times = Charging time, provided that the battery runs out of power go to their charge, if the battery itself charged, the charging time will not count so you can appropriately reduce the time
Charging performance and features:
1, the input voltage :100-240V
2, the output voltage: 1.5V
3, the output current: 120MA *2 (AA)  120MA *2 (AAA)  9V*1 25MA 
4, Charging time: about 2000MAH battery takes about 10-12 hours to fully charge, 2700MAH battery takes about 13-15 hours to fully charge
5, Connection: folding straight plug
6, control: Four slots independent control circuit that can charge the battery 1-2
7, the charge indicator: red light when charging, fully lights out; battery problem, lights flashing.
8, using the latest fast pulse charging algorithm, effectively control the battery charging fever
9, the use-DV comprehensive judgment to determine the accuracy of high precision charging.
Shown in Figure 10, the end of charge to trickle charge after the battery charge more.

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